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                Tips for Cheap Custom Computers                

Tip #1:

Why Choose The PC Smith1 Custom Computers?

1. Our custom desktops include a 5 year warranty and our custom laptops include a 3 year warranty.

2. Our custom desktops and custom laptops include anti-virus protection software for life! NEVER pay re-subscription fees.

3. We put absolutely ZERO bloatware on your computer. We turn off unnecessary Windows background programs and processes as well.

4. All of our custom computers use solid state drive (ssd) technology. Basically, your computer boots up in 15 seconds or less and loads programs lightning fast! We use the latest processors from both Intel and AMD for the best performance for your dollar.

5. Our custom laptop computers start at $475 and our custom desktop computers start at $750. With our 3 to 5 warranty and anti-virus protection software we provide the highest quality custom computers at the lowest prices. Our custom computers can't be beat for the speed, quality, and price!

Tip #2: GPU Overclocking/Thermal Performanc

If you're looking to increase the performance of your graphics card in your computer for games, graphic design etc., then you can try overclocking both the core and vram on your graphics card.

Some GPUs (graphic processing units, aka graphics cards) need under-volting or a little extra voltage to overclock effectively. Configuring voltage can be dangerous because you can permanently damage your graphics card.

The PC Smith1 provides graphics card overclocking services for only $50! We professionally overclock your GPU to squeeze out every ounce of performance while keeping your graphics card at safe temperatures.

Tip #3: Cool your Processor the Right Way!

Our processor coolers (left cooler) vs. stock cooler (right cooler)

For years processor manufacturers, both AMD & Intel, have included a "stock" cpu fan/heatsink cooler in the box. It's no secret that the cpu stock coolers for pre-built computers and even custom computers are underwhelming to say the least. Stock cpu heatsinks typically cause your processor to run 20-25 degrees C. hotter than your average aftermakert cpu heatsink. Plus, stock cpu fans produce so much more noise than aftermarket fans. 

In addition, stock cpu coolers cause your processor to "thermal throttle". In other words, slow down due to heat. Most processors' max temperature is 100 degrees C. Let's say you have 3500 mhz. (think "miles per hour," so 3500 mph) processor. If the temperature of your processor reaches around 80 degrees C. or more, it will actually lower the speed to around 3100 mhz. (3100 mph) or even lower to keep the processor from heating up further.

We recommend using a cpu heatsink with two copper heatpipes or more. The PC Smith1 offers to upgrade your cooler, replace the thermal paste on your processor, and tune your cpu fan all for just $50 + the cost of the cooler!

Tip #4: "The Silicon Lottery"

Not all computer parts are created equal, even if they are the exact same part. Lets say you have an i9 9900K processor and your friend has the exact same processor. You attempt to overclock it to 5.0 ghz. (5000 mhz.) on all the cores, but your computer constantly crashes during gaming and graphic design workloads. You have the EXACT same build as your friend. You both have the SAME motherboard, processor, cooler, case, RAM, graphics card, power supply, etc.

Your friend's i9 9900K can overclock to 5.0 ghz. no problem at 1.42 V and 80 degrees Celsius max temperature. Your i9 9900K can only overclock to 4.8 ghz. (4800 mhz.) on all cores at 1.43 V. and the max temperature is 85 degrees Celsius. Why is that?

The answer is "The Silicone Lottery." Intel and AMD have to bid to buy silicone wafers (imagine a thin slab of silicone 1 ft. x 1 ft. or bigger) from manufacturers in order to make their processors. Each wafer/set of wafers has a certain purity level (Purity levels are based on how much of the wafer is "PURE Silicone" and how much of it has impurities like small bits of bad metal alloys or other debris). Lets say Intel buys 10 silicone wafers at 85% purity level for their i9 9900K. Let's pretend that Intel can produce 10,000 i9 9900Ks from the 10 wafers. Then 6 months later Intel sells nearly all their i9 9900Ks. Now they need to buy more silicone wafers to make more processors. This time AMD bids higher than Intel at the auction, and AMD buys the 10 wafers at 85% purity. Now Intel is forced buy lower quality silicone wafers at 80% purity.

So even though you and your friend both have i9 9900Ks, their purity levels are probably different. Hence the reason why one i9 9900K may overclock better, require less voltage, and run at a much cooler temperature than another i9 9900K.

The PC Smith1 offers professional overclocking services for both your cpu and gpu. We also build custom desktops and laptops, and can help you get the most performance of your old or new cpu and gpu. The PC Smith1 can help with repair or improvement of your cpu and gpu's temperatures.